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Lizza Christina Hendriadi

Importance of Palliative care have begun to realized by some of society some time ago. Palliative is services from patient which disease that can’t recovery by medically (end stadium) because the care considered very needed, so formed institution for Palliative care. One of that is Institution of Palliative Care Surabaya.

Head of Institution Palliative Surabaya, drg. Lizza Christiani Hendriadi, visit to Psychology FISIP UB in International Seminar with theme “Caring for Palliative Needs : Current Approaches for Psycho-oncology” Which held by Psychology Science, Social and Political Science Faculty, University of Brawijaya (FISIP UB) on Tuesday July 3, 2018. Located in Auditorium Nuswantara FISIP UB. Lizza be one of interviewers which explain about role of Palliative institution, especially Institution of Palliative Care Surabaya.

“In 2010, mayor and all community admitted that Surabaya is Palliative City. This is certainly is good news for Doctor and activist of Palliative in Surabaya”. Lizza said.

In her explain, Lizza mention some of program that Surabaya Palliative Care Institution that help create cognomen The Palliative City. The program  among others are free medical for society low income, help orphans for get education well, increase quality and quantity volunteer of palliative, and do general and scientific seminar. (Lita/Humas FISIP)