Ditulis pada tanggal 3 August 2018, oleh Humas FISIP, pada kategori Berita, Kegiatan

Advo Center Crisis Center

August 3th, 2018, is the last day of Crisis Center decrease or delay of UKT for old student from 3rd to 9th semester, and for new student by Mandiri method 2018. Crisis Center held by Badan Eksekutif Mahasiswa (BEM) FISIP UB since May, that is cluster one. And cluster two started since July 9th to 22th for submitting the file by post.

Elsa Yuni Kartika as vice minister of Advocation BEM FISIP UB 2018 tell that they received submission decrease of UKT mostly from student in 9th semester, followed by 3rd and 7th semester with many reasons.

“The file we received mostly from student in 9th semester, and some from 3rd and 7th semester. It has many reason, such as their parent retired, one of the parent died, and so on”, Elsa said.

Through the crisis center, about 70%-80% student file submission is approved by faculty to  get decrease of UKT

“As far as I know from the last, most of UKT decrease are aceepted, so we estimate decrease of UKT is about 70%-80% from file submitted,” She added. (Rafdi/Humas FISIP)