Ditulis pada tanggal 18 May 2018, oleh Humas FISIP, pada kategori Berita, Kegiatan


Term of Public Relations (PR) attributed society with a company. Main works of PR is create good image in public. Different with marketing that the result real the form of material benefit, PR has product that can’t see, it is image. It is makes majority assumes PR is not important, moreover for Badan Usaha Milik Negara (BUMN) which product or services always needed in society.

Irma Rifqayani, S.I.Kom, as Humas PT LPN (Persero) west java distribution and also as alumni from Communication Science FISIP UB 2005, broke assumptions in the talkshow which held by Communication Science FISIP UB with the theme “Public Relations Practices in Two Countries: Indonesia-Malaysia” on Wednesday, May 16 2018. She said not only private company, BUMN also needed PR practitions inside it.

“Company that owned by nation in fact also needed PR partitions inside it, because we don’t know what will happen in the future, we don’t know what innovation that will create, so can slide national institute”, Irma explained. Currently, bloom issue in society which dubious availability of electricity in Indonesia, at the time of Asian Games. Respond to this, Irma straighten the issue to all audiens. “May society not many know, but PLN already invested 1,5 trillions for overcome availability of electricity in Asian Games”, Irma explained.

On the talkshow which held in Auditorium Nuswantara FISIP UB, Irma append that work of PR for be liaison between company and society, so things that Irma do is one of direct example straighten issue in society. (Lita/Humas FISIP)