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Ilkom UMM

Representative lecturer of IKOM UMM


Dr. Antoni, Head of Major in Communication Science FISIP UB

Major of Communication Science (ILKOM) of Social and Political Sciences Faculty, Universitas Brawijaya (FISIP UB) welcoming arrival of study program from Communication Science of University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM). Arrival some of lecturer of Communication Science Study Program commonly called IKOM, purposed to make a relation or silaturrahmi with Communication Science in Malang.

Located in meeting room Communication Major of FISIP UB 3A floor, Head of IKOM UMM, M. Himawan Sutanto, M. Si said that visited actually was designed, but just now realized. “We ensure that silaturrahim can develop science, sustenance and health, “ Himawan said.

Meeting which did in meeting room Communication Science FISIP UB on Thursday, Juli 12th, 2018 attended by head of major or study program, secretary of major of study program, and head of specialization from Communication Science of UB and UMM. Discussion did with explained about Communication Science UB by head of major in ILKOM UB, Dr. Antoni, and then continue with discussion about IKOM UMM by head of study program.

Head of study program of IKOM UMM said that their study program just now implemented curriculum of 2016. In the curriculum specialization start from third semester. “In the early, students was we navigate to choose specialization and we push in research and authorship. For authorship we hope they write in creative writing. “add head of study program IKOM UMM.

Next, head of study program IKOM UMM has hope that this meeting not only sharing about curriculum, but also about management of study program. (Charisma/Humas FISIP)