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Poster Seminar Internasional

The role of psychology becoming increasing along shift the global paradigm of post world development agenda 2015 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), only for economic growth become guarantee of healthy life and safe for all groups. Study of Psychology that discuss about relation between physic condition, mental, and social named Health Psychology. More specific, Health Psychology learn influence from psychology process of individual atempt in prder to stay healthy. The reason is suffer of ill, and respons during ill and how to do intervention so individual stay healthy and resolve their ill.

One of main study  Health Psychology  Palliative caring. Palliative caring is caring used to increase life quality of patient who has ill that life-threatning, such as cancer. Cancer and the care usually will causes side effect relieve the patient’s symptoms and side effect from symptoms or from medication is important section from cancer caring. The attempt called as symptoms management supportive caring, or palliative caring. Palliative caring focused to reduce symptoms, increasing quality of life, and support patient, and their family. Palliative caring usually given by Palliative caring specialist. That is medical practitioners that can training and or sertification in Palliative caring. They give holistic caring to patient and family or caregiver who focused on physical issue. Emotional, social, spiritual, that maybe faced patient of cancer. Usually, Palliative caring specialist is work group consisting of practitionrs from multidiciplinary, for example doctor, nurse, nutritionists, pharmacist, religius leader, psychologist, or social worker. Palliative caring team will cooperate with Oncology patient caring team for manage caring of patient and keep best quality of life for patient.

Based on these, so psychology  major mean to held International Public Seminar titled Caring for Palliative Needs : Current Approaches for Psycho-oncology as section from suite program 3 in 1 University of Brawijaya which held on July, 3 2018 located in Auditorium Nuswantara 7th floor Building B, FISIP UB. (Psychology FISIP UB)