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09 Mei 2018

14 Mei 2018

Head of Master Program of Communication Science Faculty of Social and Political Science Brawijaya University (FISIP UB) think if not watch out for this, threat social conflict can enlarge and be serious threat for Nation or NKRI (Negara Kesatuan Republik Indonesia). Also in some acts of terror blasting bomb in Surabaya and Sidoarjo. This said when he was be the speaker in event “Forum Pendidikan Wawasan Kebangsaan” which was held in National Unity Office and Governance Politics Kediri. This event held twice that is in May 9th, 2018 with participant who representative of Karang Taruna, Community Empowerment Institutions of Village, and administrators of PKK overall Kediri city, and on May 14th, 2018 with participant who representative student from college Santri of Boarding School overall Kediri city.

Rachmat rate Indonesia which rich human resources and rich cultural diversity, tribe, and this local language generate opportunities posperity for people. Bargaining position that strong in International and cultural which can be icon of world tourism. However, condition of Indonesia also be a challenge form of effort unify many tribe be a nation, social conflict causes difference and if dissolved divide the nation.

“We are great nation. Consist of many nations, but able merges in one nation. Different with Arab nation consist of many nations, and until now still occur conflict prolonged”. Rachmat said, who got Ph.D of communication in Australia.

Diversity of Indonesia threatened by many factors that is conflict of interest especially politics different of view, to dissent sectarian and religious, ideology war: capitalism, liberalism, communism, etc, social gap and economics, technology of communication. “This time religion which should be guidelines life evidently be on of factors threatening unity this nation. This thing occurs because among religion people can mocking each other and hate speech and behalf of the religion” Rachmat said. Even, oftenly religion being covered to right in acts violence terrorism.

In the event also attend head of Kesbangpol of Kediri city, Tanto Wijohari and Kasatbimmas Polres of Kediri city, also said three solutions. First, need education with national insight intensively that is develop how to view nation of Indonesia about self and environment, with give priority unity and unity of area society behavior, nation, and country. Next, develop multicultural education which growth attitude to admit differences in equality essence of the difference. “Pancasila is multicultural theory which was with our society, and sources from religion values. Rachmat said, he is a person who many times believed Kesbangpol Office of Kediri city to give socialization.

Third solutions, in Rachmat opinion is wise in use social media. Right now, social media also be tools to deploy slander messages fighting, bullying, hoax, and radicalism, threatening fraternity and unity of Indonesia.

In the event which titled diversity culture to supports unity of this nation. Head of Kesbang Office, Tanto Wijohari also push important awareness with keep unity of NKRI. Tanto also explained tasks of institutions that is evaluating permissions related studies which doing in Kediri city, coaching nation life, politics in Kediri city. (Master Communication Science of FISIP UB)