Ditulis pada tanggal 28 May 2018, oleh Humas FISIP, pada kategori Berita, Kegiatan

Yuyun Agus Riani

There is more different served by student from Communication Science in Social and Political Science Faculty (FISIP UB). At the time Auditorium Nuswantara be the location. Friday, May 25 2018 on 15.30 o’clock student who join in the Public Speaking Class A2 and A4  changed Auditorium be theater stage for show their Ujian Akhir Semester (UAS). The proposed title is “Kartini Disappointed”.

“Kartini Disappointed” selected because according to Yuyun Agus Riani, S.Pd., M.Sc., lecturer teacher Public Speaking course, currently we see women can not forward the spirit, soul, and dedication of Kartini. “This reality why Kartini felt disappointed attempted many things for ours,” Yuyun said.

Furthermore, new project that ready after Ujian Tengah Semester (UTS) spelled successful with time that spelled for preparing the show duration about an hour. The show provide short stories about violence of women that often occur. But not realized. Interval stories read poetry about women which show awareness of audience to aware how women worthy to respect.

The show which used Performance Research (PR) method purposed to make audience have critical thinking anti women violence. Next, make they know violence types which may there is in around that we not realized,” Yuyun said. Then, the event closed with statement all audience in Auditorium Nuswantara with standing and clenched hands say aloud : “we are together with all people of Indonesia say STOP WOMEN VIOLENCE!”. (Charisma/Humas FISIP)