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Bu Pia dan Crew Kosmonita

The rapid of technology development make we can share information easier anytime anywhere. But this simplicity must be followed by awareness to use technology wisely.

One of the unpleasant event recently experienced by the lecturer of Communication Science of FISIP UB, Maulina Pia Wulandari, PhD. Lecturer who also a Public Relation has been one of victim in viral photo editing in social media. Broadcasted by one of the Radio in Malang, Pia explained the chronological which makes her angry.

“At the time I was being the judge in Mahasiswa Berprestasi of Universitas Brawijaya. Then, my friend who is doctor told me about the viral photo. I thought about someone else, but it turns out about my photo,” Pia said.

Pia’s husband also shocked when he saw photo of his wife in social media. “I feel upset as husband, But I have to keep logic. I search the sources, and finally found it”, he said.

When we become victim of body shaming or another bullying cases, Pia said that we have to stay cool. Although we prepare a strategy, don’t be panic. She think that people who do bully will be happy if we get angry. She also told that statement to her thirteen years old daughter, Keysia.

Pia feel disappointed about the fact that there are still many unauthorized use of photo in Indonesia. Beside that, jokes about physical appearance still exist in. Actually, this act is not true. But because some of public figure and society do that things a lot, it become common.

“The effect of body shaming is definitely psychological. They can be shy, underestimate, and not confident. So, start from ourselves, stop from now!” said Pia in the end of broadcast. (Lita/Humas FISIP)