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Mahesa Desaga

Terrorist unsettling society again. After many suicide bomb detonated in some location in Surabaya. Society feel not safe. Not only society in Surabaya, but also around of Surabaya also feel restless.

Oftenly Terrorist attributed with one of religion. Even not rarely society also connect Terrorism with political issues. But anything reason, terrorist is thing which not justified by law and all religion in Indonesia.

For give understanding about it, Lecturer of International Relations of Social and Political Science University of Brawijaya (FISIP UB) cooperation with Laboratory of International Relations held turning film by the title “Train to Heaven” or Kereta Surga. Film which directed by Mahesa Desaga tell about bomber an extremist who meet and tell each other about their experience in defending trust in train to heaven.

On Tuesday, May 15, 2018. Located in Auditorium Nuswantara FISIP UB, Mahesa Desaga reveal what he feel. “I’m not guess which the film that we create about terrorist evidently still happen in Indonesia. Hope in future, the things can be lesson for our to understanding a confidence well and not halfway”. He said interval his greeting. (Lita/Humas FISIP)