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Shebley Haslan Abduk Majid

In building trust to society, honesty be required things that must do by PR Practitions not only in Indonesia, PR Practitions in Malaysia also think it.

Shebley Hasan Abduk Majid, Executive Chairman Shebs Malaysia PR empire in talkshow which held on Wednesday, May 16 2018 by Communication Science major in Social and Political Science Faculty, University of Brawijaya (FISIP UB) with theme “Public Relations Practices in Two Countries: Indonesia-Malaysia” said that PR practitions must develop good relationship with parties which related with company. “Not only of society, build trust also with journalist of media. Because they are connected information between company and society”, explained it.

Good relationship very helpful when society instigated bad issues about company. But with help from media, company can convey clarification or reversing negative issue be positive easily.

All things Shebley conveyed about honesty it corresponding with his life motto. “Tell the truth Don’t be lie although it is painful. Be yourself, do the best, and establish the truth”. He said in the end. (Lita/Humas FISIP)