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Now days, society simplified in access information through internet. The things certainly give positive impact for growth of information. But if the information can’t accounted, it will cause new problem.

As PR practitions, one of problem that must be faced is development negative issues in society. Because although they were simplified to get information, ability to filter information still lacking.

The things discussed Rachmat Kriyantono, Ph.D in Talkshow Public Relations Practices in Two Countries “Indonesia-Malaysia” which held by major of Communication Science FISIP UB Rachmat gave one example of problem which cause by society that very easy believe in issue.

In the event which held in Auditorium Nusantara on Wednesday, May 16 2018, Rachmat take story of product Ajinomoto who in the pass ever exposed issue contain pig oil. Because majority of Indonesia’s population is Moslem, sales of product Ajinomoto decrease dramatically.

“What Ajinomoto doing after it? Their company ask help to Nahdlatul Ulama, one of big Islamic organization in Indonesia. They invite Gus Dur for confirmation that their product not contain pig oil to journalists”, her explained.

Solving the issue also confirmed that the company also must have braid good relationship with media so that can get trust from society. With trust, so system of company also will can go well. (Lita/Humas FISIP)