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Tim Puteri Dynamite FISIP

Recently, women’s fultsal team of Dynamite won Nasional Turnament of Liga FISIP Indonesian University, on April 17th to 23rd, 2018. Located in Tifosi Sport Center Jakarta,and one the player of Dynamite got Most Valuable Player (MVP) title.

Lembaga Semi Otonom (LSO) Dynamite is student organization of FISIP UB in futsal and soccer since 2004, which have many achievements.

“We grateful for getting first winner, and one member of our women’s team, Rizki Nur Latifa (International Relations 2015) get the best player achievement,”Yaufi Maulal Hisby said, as Chairman 2018.

Yafie also said that this LSO is  not only for the best futsal and soccer player. “Dynamite open for student of FISIP UB, not only accept who has good play in futsal and soccer. But, if there are students who want to learn and have commitment, we are ready to accomodate. I also hope Dynamite will be better,” Yafie said. (Rafdi/Public Relations FISIP)