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Kondang Merak mini


There was different in 7th floor, Building B FISIP on Tuesday, May 15th, 2018 there was a fishing gear, sand beach, and many photos from Kondang Merak beach and their social life. Evidently, it was Exhibition Art creation from Performance Research team of Communication Science major. They are Axel (2014), Novaldy (2015), Ismi Rodiyah (2015), Rizky Dwi Amalia (2014). This exhibition showed many side from Kondang Merak beach, so visitor will feel like in there.

Besides this exhibition, in Auditorium Nuswantara also held Talkshow with Mas Andik (Founder of Sahabat Alam Indonesia), Mas Agus (Leader of East Java Ecotourism Forum), and Mas Hari head of AJI (Aliansi Jurnalis Independen) Malang. Purposed to discuss about important of communication and conservation of environment based ecotourism in Kondang Merak Beach. Also, knowing role of journalist in conservation of environment, and give awareness and understanding about condition of nature in South Malang especially Kondang Merak beach. That in the form of art in poetry, paintings, murals, and iconic from Kondang Merak Beach, and photos.

One member of the research team, Kiki, nickname of Rizky Dwi Amalia said that the activity purpose to take friends, collaborate and shows that in Malang there is environment issue in Kondang Merak.

Not only that, Sri Handayani S.Pd, M.I.Kom, convey their aspiration of what has been done by performance research team. “This Performance Research (PR) also attempt from major, especially our research team to stimulate sensitivity of social condition. So, with PR, friends not only doing performance, but performance which based on research”. Sri said. Sri also hoped that this performance can enjoy and be medium to awareness for society especially students related with problem of an environment. (Charisma/Humas FISIP)