Badan Konseling Mahasiswa (BKM) or Student Counselling is organization which established as attempt from Faculty of Social and Political Science to facilitate or help student of FISIP UB to solve daily problems. The problems which may show and distract daily activities and affect in academic performance of student.

BKM Counselor is lecturer major of Psychology Faculty of Social and Political Sciences that have competence to student counselling. Team of BKM Counsellors are :

  1. Ari Pratiwi, M.Psi., Psychologist
  2. Ilhamuddin, M.A
  3. Ulifa Rahma, M.Psi., Pscychologist
  4. Ika Fitria, M,Psi., Psychologist
  5. Ratri Nurwanti, M.Psi., Psychologist

Meeting with counselor is ‘with agreement’ by appointment with this steps :

  1. Choose one schedule which provides in link and book on the schedule. The schedule which provides in one month schedule, next month schedule will provide every end of month before.
  2. You will receive notification availability of the schedule (accepted) or no (declined).
  3. If your schedule accepted, so first you will ask fill an online questionnaire, before counselling.
  4. If your schedule not accepted, so please choose other schedule which already provided.


more ask about the service can send via

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ)

1. Q : Who can get this service?
A : This service can access for all students of FISIP UB, Undergraduate, Postgraduate, and Doctor.
2. Q : Whether this service paid?
A : This service is free
3. Q : How many times can use this service?
A : Commonly, there is no limit to access this service. Meeting commonly doing once a week, and in some specific cases councellor will give recommendation many meetings to one case. For cases that need more one meeting, counsellor and student will have agreed schedule for next meeting. If meeting finished, but you still need counselling, for same cases or different cases, so please book schedule again.


4. Q : Whether I need escort from academic supervisor?
A : Academic supervisor can give recommendation to get this service, but you do not need escort letter from lecturer or study program to access this service.
5. Q : What cases which can be handled?
A : Cases which can handle are daily problem, example, interpersonal relation with parent, friends, lecturer, pair, or academic problem, etc. If you indicated more clinical problems, so counsellor can give reference to party who needed. (example Hospital, Clinic, etc.)
6. Q : Who can access my data?
A : All your data is secret and only can access by your counsellor. In specific cases, (example, involve dangerous to yourself someone else physically or violate the law in Indonesia) so counsellor may to take action if needed. If you referred by specific party (example academic counsellor), so that party has right to access your data in specific limit.
7. Q : Is there any possibility parent or other party related with who called, I?
A : As need and agreement between you and your counsellor
8. Q : Whether I move counsellor if I feel not comfortable?
A : You have right to move counsellor
9. Q : May I stop counselling?
A : Counselling is volunteer. You welcome to stop or finish counselling section without give the reason.
10. Q : Can I cancel counselling meeting which scheduled?
A : You may cancel meeting which scheduled by informing maximum one day before via email . if you cancel without inform you no right access for one month.



Student Counselling

Counselling Room

Building Anjasmara 1st floor

Faculty of Social and Social Sciences

Brawijaya University

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