Vision, Mission & Goals


To be a superior and has international standard faculty and has entrepreneur capacity in social politic science discipline and is able to compete in nation development by education, research and community service processes.


  1. Realizing faculty as a quality educational institution and reputable.
  2. Implementing a healthy and relevant higher education system with the world of work, social change, and global development.
  3. Implementing a lecture system in the field of Sociology, Communication Science, Psychology, International Relations, Political Science, and Governmental Science are adaptive and sensitive to the development of science and technology.
  4. Conducting scientific research activities in accordance with the development of socio-political phenomena that can contribute significantly to improving the nation’s competitiveness.
  5. Utilizing science through community service in national development process.
  6. Achieve the excellence of graduates who are faithful, pious, competent, intelligent, skilled, entrepreneurial and able to compete in the field of social and political science in national and international scope.


FISIP UB has the following objectives::

  1. To produce qualified human resources who are faithful and devoted to God Almighty, able to teach themselves, have broad insight, have discipline and work ethic, so as to be a strong and competent academic and professional officer in national level and international.
  2. The establishment of a qualified and reputable faculty management system in line with Law no. 12/2012 on Higher Education.
  3. Develop relevant science in the field of social and political sciences through the implementation of the Tridarma Perguruan Tinggi to print the conscious human beings that every life has the right to be respected and useful.
  4. Affordability, equity and accessibility of access to higher education in social and political science.
  5. Ability in community empowerment through development of problem solving concept by using scientific method.
  6. Interaction with international and global communities reflecting mutual and mutually beneficial reciprocity